Security Paper

Portals Security Paper

Easy to verify and impossible to simulate

Portals Security Paper — Security

Designed with the future in mind

With growing access to computers, digital imaging software and scanners, photocopiers and high quality printers, the levels of threat to secure documents is increasing.

Staying ahead of the increasingly sophisticated technologies used by fraudsters is essential.

As a result, our clients demand bespoke security paper to ensure they stay ahead of any future threats.

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Recommended by Interpol

Recommended by Interpol for use in high security documents, cylinder mould made paper is recognised as being the most secure paper type available, and despite developments in scanning, photocopying and digital photography techniques our three dimensional multi-tonal cylinder mould made watermark remains virtually impossible to simulate.

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Highly secure and easy to verify

Further enhancements such as the inclusion of Skylight™, security threads, security fibres and chemical sensitisation dyes to prevent tampering each serve to deliver a highly secure, easy-to-verify substrate.

Portals is proud to be one of the only paper manufacturers in the world dedicated to producing high-security, non-currency paper, on cylinder mould machines.

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Portals Security Paper — Performance

Engineered to Last

Our paper needs to outlive the duration of the document – whether it is a passport that is used for multiple trips over many years or a birth certificate that needs to last for a lifetime. Through the use of patented technologies, the paper can be reinforced to protect the corners from fold and strengthening the long edges to prevent tears.

Download the Cornerstone® & Edgestone™ Datasheet

Great to Print on

As a trusted partner of the security printing industry, we understand that the registration, complexity and specialism of our client’s printing. As such, our paper is specifically designed with the end purpose in mind, to be easy and straightforward to print on.