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Focused on a sustainable future

The topic of sustainability is high on everyone’s agenda these days – ensuring that we all play our part in meeting the needs of today without compromising our ability to meet the needs of tomorrow.

This report outlines how Portals, as an expert security paper maker, is contributing to a better future.

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The Foundations of a Banknote

There is so much more to banknotes than meets the eye. Intelligently engineered from start to finish to ensure maximum security and durability. Banknotes are complex and as demonstrated, have a multitude of different considerations that need to be taken into account. At the very heart of a banknote, facilitating every aspect of its functionality, is the paper it is printed on.

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Working in Perfect Partnership

We all know what a partnership is – an arrangement between two or more parties in pursuit of a shared goal or activity to share its collective gains and losses and / or mutual benefits.

But do we really appreciate the many forms of partnership and ways of effective working there are?

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The Foundations of a Passport

Passports enable us to travel anywhere in the world on holiday or for business. They give reassurance to the authorities in our home and destination countries that we are eligible to travel and our identity is genuine. This report outlines the complex array of threats posed against the humble passport, and also some practical solutions to beat the fraudsters.

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The Fundamentals of a Trusted Identity

Using a birth certificate as the source document for which the issue of other identity documents, that give greater entitlements is based, places great demands on the security and integrity of the certificate. This report explains how there is an accessible solution that could be implemented quickly and with minimal upfront investment.

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The Role of Furnish in a Secure Passport

When considering how to protect a passport, many issuing authorities will give significant thought to the choice of security features and the layering of these features, but sitting at the very foundation of a passport is the substrate. This report examines how, as the fundamental cornerstone of the book, the paper and it’s furnish should also be given the same high consideration to ensure a passport’s strength and security.

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Cylinder mould watermarks: universal security

With increasing levels of threat to passports and vital record documents, staying ahead of fraudsters is essential. Whilst security features continue to evolve, pushing the boundaries of innovation, one security feature remains universally unchallenged – the cylinder mould watermark.

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Cylinder mould watermarks: at the heart of banknote security

As banknote security features continue to evolve, incorporating the latest technology and pushing the boundaries of innovation, one security feature remains unchallenged at the heart of banknote security – the cylinder mould watermark.

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Big data in manufacturing: a security paper perspective

The industry is abuzz with ‘big data’ and how analytics can help a Central Bank improve its decision making. However, data is also critically important in the manufacturing sphere and should be top of the agenda for security papermakers and printers.

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