Cylinder mould watermarks: at the heart of banknote security

As banknote security features continue to evolve, incorporating the latest technology and pushing the boundaries of innovation, one security feature remains unchallenged at the heart of banknote security – the cylinder mould watermark.

Offering an unrivalled defence against counterfeiting, combined with a reputation as one of the most publicly recognised and easily authenticated features, it comes as no surprise Interpol continues to recommend the use of the humble watermark. But watermarks have come a long way since their origins over 700 years ago.

This report examines:

  • The latest advancements in cylinder mould watermarks; from multi-tonal images through to electrotypes and Textmark™
  • How watermark technology has helped improve banknote strength and durability
  • What the future holds for the watermark, including looking at the latest global design trends and HD techniques.

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