The Foundations of a Passport

Passports enable us to travel anywhere in the world on holiday or for business. They give reassurance to the authorities in our home and destination countries that we are eligible to travel and our identity is genuine. They are used to prove who we are when engaging with enforcement and verification authorities, unassumingly facilitating our leisure, our trade and our freedom.

That’s why passports have an infinite worth, a value far greater to an individual than its physical cost, and also why they are a frequent target of criminals, counterfeiters and organised crime. As a direct result of these escalating threats, passports are designed to be the most secure documents they possibly can be. Increasingly complex security features, devices and deterrents are now being used to protect and secure the book, ensuring its integrity and trust, making it not only an incredibly sophisticated document but also one of great value and worth to us all.

This report outlines the complex array of threats posed against the humble passport, and also some practical solutions to beat the fraudsters.

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