The Role of Furnish in a Secure Passport

Passports have infinite worth – they enable us to travel anywhere in the world on holiday or for business. They give reassurance to the authorities in our home and destination countries that we are eligible to travel and our identity is genuine. They are used to prove who we are when engaging with enforcement and verification authorities, unassumingly facilitating our leisure, our trade and our freedom.

The true value of a passport to an individual therefore is undeniable and as a direct result, this humble document is coming under increasing threat. The individuals and networks that falsify passports are growing in number and their approach is becoming increasingly sophisticated and innovative. When considering how to protect a passport, many issuing authorities will give significant thought to the choice of security features and the layering of these features, but sitting at the very foundation of a passport is the substrate.

This report examines how, as the fundamental cornerstone of the book, the paper and it’s furnish should also be given the same high consideration to ensure a passport’s strength and security.

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