Textmark™ – describable watermark technology

Helping to beat the counterfeiter one text character at a time

The best watermarks are easy to describe and explain – so the public know what they are looking for and can quickly identify genuine from fake.

Watermarks are the foundation of paper security. This accolade is due to two fundamental principles – watermarks are understood because they can be identified easily and as they are describable the education of users is incredibly simple.

Keeping these two principles in mind, we have developed Textmark – an enhanced watermarking feature that strengthens the security of the watermark via the addition of personalised bright and / or dark text characters to the main watermark design.

Whilst technically complex to produce, it is incredibly easy to see and to describe, making it the most secure watermark in the world.

For more information on Textmark please contact us at info@portalspaper.com