Port-Hole™: A complex feature with a simple message

The Challenge

With gift vouchers with a face value of over £6bn issued each year in the UK, voucher security is high on the agenda of many retailers. For one voucher provider developing a secure voucher, which could be easily authenticated by retail staff, was imperative to ensure consumer confidence in their product remained high and to protect the company from any potential fraudulent activity.

The Solution

Portals revisited the provider’s existing voucher design, looking at how the complexity of the paper’s security features could be enhanced even further, whilst making it simpler for retail staff to verify the vouchers.

The solution? Portals incorporated Port-hole™ into the voucher’s design alongside its existing security features. Created during cylinder mould manufacture Port-hole is a small and uniquely frayed hole in the paper within which is an exposed security thread. Whilst extremely hard to replicate, Port-hole is easy to understand and identify – making it the perfect choice for the employees across the provider’s large network of retailers.

The provider updated their communications to all retail staff to include a simplified message focusing on identifying the Port-hole. Any voucher without this feature was to be declined outright.

The Results

The message was simple, the security feature was complex. Retail staff felt empowered and educated to be able to reject vouchers if necessary. The provider is now benefitting from one of the most secure vouchers in the high street.


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