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UK Passport

The role expert security paper manufacturer, Portals, played in the previous two design issuances of the United Kingdom passport, was absolutely vital to the overall security of the books – widely recognised as being amongst the most secure in the world.

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Republic of Kenya ePassport

The watermark design in the new Kenya East African Community (EAC) ePassport is clearly visible on the visa pages.

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Republic of Rwanda

Launched in 2019, the design of the new EAC Republic of Rwanda ePassport was inspired by Rwanda’s rich and unique culture and known national emblems such as the seal of Rwanda and the Rwandan flag.

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Republic of Malta ePassport

Always at the forefront of passport design, The Republic of Malta recently launched their newly updated document incorporating an interwoven polycarbonate bio-data page.

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NPA: Working in partnership to innovate for the future

When Note Printing Australia (NPA) faced the challenge of finding a new paper manufacturer mid passport series, Portals was on-hand to help with an innovative solution.

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Port-Hole™: A complex feature with a simple message

Developing a secure voucher, which could be easily authenticated by retail staff, was imperative to protect the retailer from fraudulent activity. Port-hole™ offered the solution.

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