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Portals Banknote Paper

Secure, durable and great to print on

Portals Banknote Paper - Security

Engineered for Security

Helping to maintain the integrity and security of a nation’s currency is an important role we are proud to bear. If the paper is not secure, then the entire currency can be undermined.

A three dimensional mould made watermark remains the foundation of paper banknote security across the world. Never wanting to be complacent when dealing with banknote security, we would highly recommend the use of more complex watermarking techniques.

Pioneering Complex Watermarking

The latest industry advancement is Textmark™, integrating personalised bright and dark text into the chosen watermark design. The watermark continues to be easy to see and simple to explain, but the underlying technology is complex, making it more difficult for the counterfeiter to copy.

As much as we love watermarks, banknote security should not rely on just one feature. The inclusion of threads, fibres, covert features, iridescent and foil stripes enhance the security of the paper.

Download the Textmark™ Datasheet

Your Choice of Security Integrations

During our 300 year history, we have been a leader of security feature integration, developing the first windowed threads with the Bank of England in the 1980’s.

Our breadth of experience means our clients have the flexibility to choose security features that complement their banknote security strategy and design.

Portals Banknote Paper - Performance

Tactile and Durable

The pleasure of banknotes is that they are designed to be used and spent, but that means they will get folded, torn and dirty. Protecting against these threats and extending the life of banknotes is a constant challenge.

Download the Platinum® Datasheet

Engineered to Last

Through the use of specialist technologies, we have a range of solutions designed to counter these without a significant financial investment.

Whether that is protecting the corners of a banknote from folds, strengthening the long edges to prevent tears appearing or protecting the paper surface from dirt ingress, we can help.

Download the Cornerstone® & Edgestone™ Datasheet

Great to Print On

As a trusted partner of the security printing industry, we understand that the registration, complexity and specialism of our client’s printing. As such, our paper is specifically designed with the end purpose in mind, to be easy and straightforward to print on.